Whirlwind Adventure

These first few days in Rome have been just that — a whirlwind, I can’t believe that I am actually in Rome right now it’s only now setting in after being here for four days that this is home for the next four months.

Travel day was quite a day I was so excited to get to the airport to being this new adventure! When I was finally on the plane I was ready to just get going, however departure time came and went and there we were sitting on the tarmac. Waiting, after about 30 minutes there was an announcement about a weather delay which was confusing because there was no extreme weather. Anyways we waited and after another 45 minutes there was another announcement that the delay was actually due to the fact that half of the flights luggage was missing and they had to locate it and get it on the plane and that the delay time was unknown. There was a collective sigh from the passengers as we waited to depart. After 2 and a half hours the plane just started to move, (without warning) and people were scrambling back to their seats as the captain says we are about to take off. Finally, I could get excited I was on my way to Rome. And as we landed it started to sink in that I was in Italy.

When I arrived at my apartment in Garbatella, I put down my bags and was rushed off to meet my new roommates for lunch at  “EATALY” a gourmet market place right up the street. I have five roommates, we are split into three rooms and we are getting along really great so far.

After lunch we had some time to settle in and unpack before we met with everyone for dinner. We went to the Orange Garden or Parco Savello in Rome for an introduction. We walked around some cobble-stone streets and this really made it feel like I was in Rome. The view was an incredible panoramic view of Rome it was picturesque with the sun setting by the winding Tiber River. We walked by the Palantine Ruins, which were incredible it was the first Palace, like ever.

Then we piled into he bus again for a short ride, right by the Colosseum, no big deal…it was again unreal. We found the restaurant pizzeria had some antipasto, pizza and wine, the house wine was especially delicious! It was a great night to start to get to know some of the other people in the program. I’ve had so much fun these first few days trying to acclimate to life in Rome!


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