Running Around Rome

So it’s been way too long since I was able to sit down and blog. There is always so many things to do, and hardly any time to just sit (so I can actually process everything that we have done so far) but I don’t mind it at all. I love being busy and doing something new everyday and seeing more and more of Rome.

I’m just posting a quick catch-up since there has been way too much that has happened from the past week and a half, last week included classes and exploring the city. I’ve been getting more into a routine here and figuring out a daily schedule which creates some normalcy. My weekend started off a little bumpy…literally, I was on my daily morning run with my roommate along the Tiber. When my iPod broke at the start of the run I knew it was going to be a mediocre one, little did I know it would be just really bad–I ended up tripping on some broken up road and took an embarrassingly hard fall but was able to laugh it off, just in time for our Italian test that morning. Super fun start to my weekend!

It went up from there- On Saturday I finally made into the Colosseum, I walked there from my apartment with one of my roommates and met up with some friends. We walked around the Colosseum, the Palantine Hill and the Roman Forum. These places were all so vast and overwhelming to see, so much history only a 20 minute walk from my apartment.

This week we started our regular schedule for the semester which means I started my internship at the Vatican this week! It was so exciting to finally get to work and see what I’ll be doing for the semester! On Wednesday, Day 3 Natalie and I were sent out to the Papal Audience in St. Peter’s Square to take pictures for the Newsva instagram account. I was so close to Pope Francis, it was unreal. He was casually just doing some laps around the square. I could not believe that this was just one part of my job.

I just got back from a great day of shopping by The Vatican in all these little boutiques that line the street. I’ve been walking by them on the way to work everyday this week and just had to go and shop there! We had dinner in Trestevere, an area we go out in at night a lot, its exactly how you picture Rome with restaurants set up in the cobblestone streets, music playing and delicious food and wine.

[I’ve also taken a cooking class and gone to a wine tasting which I’ll post about later because food and wine is a culture here].

I’ve been enjoying getting to know the other study abroad students and exploring, which is helping me to feel very at home here. All this running around from work to class to hanging out with friends and just walking around has left me exhausted every night. But I can honestly say I wouldn’t want it any other way, I’m going to be running around Rome for another three months and I can’t wait to see what else I’m going to find.

First day of work pic!
First day of work pic!


Panorama of the Colosseum
Panorama of the Colosseum
Selfies at the Colosseum, obviously
Selfies at the Colosseum, obviously


Palantine Hill
Palantine Hill
Palantine Hill
Palantine Hill
Roman Forum
Roman Forum



3 thoughts on “Running Around Rome

  1. Haley…you bring so many memories of my time in Rome. TRASTEVERE is where I spent so many times in and know how you must feel when there. First visit there was a 5 week stay in a rented apartment. The following year 7 weeks! What a wonderful time that a was. Often, days were spent with walks across the Ponte Sisto which took one to the wonders of Rome. Such a great city to walk.
    I know what you are experiencing with the shops around the Vatican. Such a different experience than the Via Condotti shopping area!!!
    How exciting to be in the gardens with the Pope! You must be pinching yourself every day.
    Continue to explore and fall more and more in love with Rome. I know I have and you will too.

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